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12.17.2011 , 07:30 PM | #1
Bioware seriously needs to fix the auto-kick feature if you stand still too long.. Let me give you a scenario.

In huttball, voidstar, the invisible barrier that controls spawn area releases causes problems for people who have long loading times. Their character is in but they are still on the loading screen so if they load into a game that is already started and the barrier is up, boom they get kicked.

Also today my mouse died during a game of huttball and i had to run to the other room to find my batteries.. since I got killed, and my mouse was dead, i couldn't click the respawn button and got autokicked..

This mechanic needs some work. We all know AFK pvp'ers in warzones is annoying but as it is right now its too sensitive.

Recommended changes:
1.Movement(or any input on the keyboard) behind the forcefield in the starter area should cancel or reset the kick timer.

2. Shorten the barrier times for the spawn zones so players can get out sooner. The warzones played just fine in beta without the barriers, so I don't see why shortening the barrier time 10 seconds could hurt the mechanic that much.