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The heroic quests are optional and to my liking there are not too many of them. I don't really need to do every single one either. Search for a group while doing other things. Use the general channel. Don't wait around to be invited, if you see someone (and you most likely will, if not you're not paying any attention) looking for a group for some heroic quest that you might have, invite that person. That's one of the main problems I think, I see four people looking for a group to the same place in the general chat within two minutes of eachother - yet no one actually invites the others.

When it comes to flashpoints, they're a little bit more annoying considering you've got to be at the fleet, more or less to find people for a flashpoints. However, finding people for flashpoints takes... perhaps, twenty minutes or something similar to that. Considering you're a tank, you should have no problems what so ever - cause just as every other MMO, tanks and healers are what people are looking for. Are you sure you've not been rude and obnoxious to every other player out there and that's the reason why you can't find any groups?
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