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Thought I would write this as even some seasoned MMO players don't know it or ignore it.

The first thing you have to understand is the type of Character you are. There are 3 types, Tank, Healer, DPS (Damage per second). These characters, in a team, and working together, can defeat far larger and more powerful groups than themselves. They all have a job to do, explained below.

1) TANK- the Tank is designed to take damage. With the same Health he wil last twice as long as a DPS. The trade off being he doesn't do as much damge.

2) HEALER- The Healer is designed to heal the group, primarily the Tank, as he will be taking most of the damage.

3) DPS- The damage dealers of the group, designed to do the most damage of the 3 types.

NOTE- AGGRO. Another thing to consider is 'aggro'. This is a mechanic that the mob uses to determine which one of your group to attack.

Your job-

1) TANK- Your job is to get the group to attack you. The easiest way to make the group attack you (see 'aggro' above), is to get in first. Be the first one in your group to attack, and the mob will attack you right back. Don't worry about this, as you should have a healer behind you, keeping you alive!

Secondary to this, at higher levels, will be 'Taunts'. these are special abilities you can use to make sure the mob attacks you and not anyone else. Pay particular attention to protecting your healer, as he is the guy keeping you alive.

2) HEALER- Your job is to heal the group. Pay particular attention to your Tank, as he is the guy soaking up the damage from the mob.

When you get attacked, DON'T PANIC! Wait for your Tank to come and protect you. This is more difficult for the Tank if you're running around trying to flee someone who will just continue to hit you anyway. Heal yourself if necessary.

3) DPS- Your job is to clear the mob, but don't get attacked yourself. You must wait for the Tank to attack first! If you attack first, the mob will attack you, and you won't likely last very long, as you're not designed to take damage. That's the Tank's job.

Once the Tank goes in, gang up and do 1 at a time. Start at the weakest, and work your way towards the tougher members of the mob, and they will die faster.

So that's it. A basic guide to basic group combat not including Hard modes, operations, World Bosses and the like. Master this basic mechanic, and your group mates will be adding you to your friends lists and will more readily group with you in future, enhancing your enjoyment of the game. We're all on here to have fun, and it's more fun when our enemies are dying, and not us. Happy gaming.
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