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05.11.2012 , 08:04 AM | #6
So you killed a world boss while someone wasn't present for the kill, and you want them to receive credit?

I might as well hit the belsavis world boss, then once someone kills it I'll receive credit. Unless you want to implement a more complicated rule structure on how it would work. maybe loss credit on a boss reset? Sounds like more work for BW to figure out on how to code (does local client operations even register a boss fight is present while the character is out of range to see it? May require changes to server operations in that case).

Practically speaking, that would cause way more issues then it would fix so I would suggest two solutions that gamers can do themselves.

1. Don't release when dead
2. Don't kill the boss till all members are present.

Saves BW the time to fix other more useful features.