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How do I setup this thing?! O_o
No FAQ, no tutorials, empty Options menu... Where can I put in my logs path? How do I connect to my raid? How... amagad so many questions.
There are some tutorials on our website (in the Forums section) with more to come soon (later today for raid setup and navigating parse data). We'll be adding a ton more configuration options soon but in general it should just run if you have combat logs turned on.

Here's a quick and dirty tutorial on creating a group/operation:
  1. Make sure you have logs turned on, run MoniTOR and hit your self buff. You should see your current character's name show up in the upper right corner of the main UI window (log path is automatically detected but we'll be adding in a configuration option later just in case the auto-detect doesn't work).
  2. Click on the Join button (the left button on the Group/Operation window), select the Create New Group/Operation tab and give the group a name (or just use the default value is fine as well).
  3. This will generate a key that you can give to other members in your group/operation (something like MoniABC123). To make it easier to pass out to others, you can double click on the key in the group/operation window to put it on the clipboard.
  4. To join an existing group/operation, hit the Join button and type in the key that was given to you. If you already have the key value on the clipboard before you hit the join button, it will be put into the key edit box for to make it easier.

That's pretty much it. I'll be expanding on these steps with screenshots and a lot more details similar to our MoniTOR installation guide tutorial.

Also, if you encounter any errors please feel free to post here or on our forums, we've done a LOT of testing but I'm sure there will be a few more glitches from a full public release and we want this thing to be as solid as possible.

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