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Announcing SWMoniTOR! - Peer-to-Peer Live Combat Parsing

We're happy to announce the public release of a brand new live combat parsing application. We released a few weeks later than we could have but we wanted to make sure things were pretty solid first. We hope you enjoy using our softwre and we look forward to continuing to develop SWMoniTOR for the SWTOR community. The application download, screenshots and other details are available at the SWMoniTOR website - including several tutorials (with more on the way soon).

SWMoniTOR Features

SWMoniTOR is an advanced live combat log parser for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). SWMoniTOR specializes in providing detailed, live feedback on your personal, group or operation performance during, immediately following or many days after your encounters. There are many powerful and flexible features for SWMoniTOR including:

Peer to Peer Communications

SWMoniTOR's peer to peer nature is unique among combat parsers for SWTOR and offers the following benefits:
  • Live - Data from encounters is gathered realtime from the members of your group/operation. No need to force everyone to remember to upload one or more cryptically-named log files after operations when they just want to go to bed.
  • Private - Your combat data is shared only between members of your group/operation, not transmitted through or stored on a central server.
  • Scalable - SWMoniTOR can easily scale to many, many times more concurrent users than other solutions that become lagged during peak hours. SWMoniTOR also doesn't require a beefy server capable of storing large amounts of historical data or using large amounts of expensive bandwidth.

Access to Full Details

SWMoniTOR provides full access to every line of combat data generated by your group/operation. Using the drill down nature of SWMoniTOR's parse viewer, you can easily filter down to the specific detail lines you are looking for to theorycraft or analyze yourself, your group or your operation into a lean, mean fighting/healing machine.

Analysis Tools and Graphs (coming soon)

SWMoniTOR will provide many tools and graphs to help distill down the massive amount of details that it gathers from your group/operation. Whether you are looking for specific patterns of activity or simply trying to get the "big picture", SWMoniTOR will help you do it quickly and easily.

Efficient Speed and Size

SWMoniTOR was developed to have minimal impact on your gaming performance.
  • SWMoniTOR requires very little CPU resources and uses only a few dozen megabytes of memory with a full operation of parse data loaded.
  • The user interface is crisp and clean and responds quickly, even with large amounts of data loaded.
  • The binary storage format for SWMoniTOR is also quite small; much smaller than the size of a zipped combat log text file yet still containing all of the same information and more.

Fully Dockable User Interface

All of SWMoniTOR's windows are fully dockable into the main application window (space saving) or can be free-floating (perfect for multiple monitors).

Compatible Export Format

If you want to use a web based tool to analyze/share your parse data, you can export the combined parse data of your group/operation from SWMoniTOR to the standard SWTOR combat log format and then upload it. No need to wait for 15 other gamers to get around to uploading their parse data.


The following tutorials are available on the SWMoniTOR website:
SWMoniTOR - Peer-to-Peer Live Combat Parser
Makya ||| Standard Deviations ||| The Shadowlands