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05.11.2012 , 03:14 AM | #7
The main requirements would be:
Group Composition: Two healers, one tank [pure spec], the rest DPS.
HP: +13000 [Tank will want ~16-17k]
Surge: ~65-70%
Critical: ~30% after buffs.
Mainhand Weapon Rating: ~118-126 [Daily Vendor or Recruit.]
Offhand Weapon Rating: ~118-126 [Recruit.]
Relics Matrix Shard + Power Click Relic.
Consumeables: Not necessary, but it certainly would make things easier with Stimpacks.
Friends: This makes things so much easier, especially if they are packing Rakata Gear or better. Sometimes bored level 50s that are geared will help you if you're nice when asking.

As long as everyone is around those requirements, you shouldn't have an issue. There is a pretty large window for error in story mode Eternity Vault, since it assumes that players are still learning their rotations, and that their gear is still low.