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Between 3 toons I have never been in "level 40 greens" by the time I hit 50. Between quests you will be in mid level 40 blues, if not better.

And when the game first came out, thats what people went into EV with. Blues. Not epics. And we defeated the encounters. The gear checks for story mode are not harsh AT ALL. In fact, I would say its easier to do EV Story in 40 blues than it is to do some of the 50 HM Flashpoints.

And I believe I said "IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING" when I said you can do hard modes in daily epic gear. Which you can.

As for Nightmare? Rakata by itself is worse than Columi until you re-itemize it. Seeing as Nightmare also drops Rakata, you do not need it to go into Nightmare.

I merely stated the minimum requirements for each instance. Just because he's never been to EV doesn't mean he's never raided. How am I suppose to know how skilled he or the people he will be running it with are? To assume he's unskilled is just ignorant simply because he isn't familiar with this game's content.
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