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Forget the Valor Rank stuff.

DPS should definitely get the mainhand first. It's a *huge* difference. It also lets you swap out crystals for 41 more expertise.

WZ medpac/adrenal is better than the Rakata equivalent, but it's really something you can only stockpile when you're fully geared. Always being stimmed is nice though.

I suggest that your main mission 10-49 is to pile up commos and to *learn the maps*. At the Recruit level it's to understand the more advanced 50 bracket tactics both on the engagement level (resolve/CC management, using/negating guard/crossheal setups, etc.) and on the overall wz level (where to go when, anticipating team behavior, classic plays used to get/stop objectives, etc.).

Don't forget DO *call inc*. On first contact, not when you're dead. And DON'T *zerg*. If 4-5 teammates are already responding to an inc call, don't mindlessly follow and leave your point under (or un) defended. Gaaah.
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