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why is it when u help kill a world boss in a op that if u die u don't get credit for killing him? U don't get the loot. Seems stupid like half the stuff in this game. My wife, a lvl 50 guildie, and me killed the world boss on tatoonie my wife died right before the boss died and rezed was running back and didn't get credit or loot. Why bioware why do u keep making stupid mistakes like this PLAY THE ^&*% GAME and figure out whats broken and @%#^*(& FIX IT jesus for the love of George Lucus. Cause he surely wouldn't be this stupid. He did come up with Star Wars. Bioware is smearing his name.
Stuff like this is pretty stupid. Alot of things in this game really just werent thought out very well. Only advice I can give you is to just not try to run back when the boss starts getting really low. As I recall the run back to that boss is somewhat lengthy. However if your very crafty you can find the sweet spot where you will take no AOE damage