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level 11-49, try to get your PVP daily as much as possible. this is important!

step1) try to get to valor rank 40 by level 40 (getting this out of the way will help a great deal- but if u cant or dont want to, thats fine- but your missing out on potential War Hero gear you can have right out of the gate.

step 2) save save save (this is important)
2A) save all warzone medpacks and warzone adrenals you can until you hit 50! these are awsome and will help recruits get to bm gear
2B) save your Warzone commendations and try to keep it near 2000, you can buy warzone medpacks or addrenals but never go under 1850 warzone commendations, and when you hit 49, definatelly dont go under 1950 warzone commendations
2C) Save credits! try to have 250k before level 50.
(i would honestly skip your Tier 2 speeder at level 40)
(if u want, you can purchase the level 40 and level 50 riding skill, and buy your 110% speeder without ever purchasing your 100% speeder)

step 3) if you did step one and hit valor rank 40 at around level 40 or 41, you can convert 30 warzone commendations into 10 Ranked warzone commendations! but still try to stay around 1800-1900 regular warzone commendations.
3A) when you hit 50, you should be able to buy 2 Battlemaster pieces, and the rest recruit gear. if you have enough ranked warzone commendations, you can convert 1 or both Battlemaster pieces into their respective War Hero Pieces.
tip for dps jugs and maras- the gloves are cheap, and generally have nice war hero stats. Both the Weaponmasters and Vindicators War Hero Gloves should have power surge enhancment.

if you saved your warzone addrenals- you can pop them before your big attack to hit a lot harder then a normal recruit would (its like having a couple seconds of battlemaster grade umph!).
if you saved your warzone medpacks- you can pop them when your getting jumped by those 3 pesky battlemasters that keep targeting you- giving you back 30% of your maximum hp back to you!

hopefully you saved enough of these 2 expendables to last you until your full BM+ gear!

step 4) enjoy! dont let people talk you down, we all started somewhere- and if your reading the OP's guide, at least it shows your trying- and thats the most important!