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Section L. - Countering the Pyro (Work In Progress)

I will eventually write out a bunch of strategies for these classes in detail on how to beat us. But for now I'll simply grade the "trees" to the best of my knowledge on their survivability against us. (Vanish is not taken in to consideration here for OPs and Sins). Survivability for the healers simply entails if they can survive long enough for help to come and support them.


Arsenal: Bad
Bodyguard: Moderate
Pyrotech: Moderate

Annihiliation: Best
Carnage: Good
Rage: Moderate

Immortal: Bad
Vengence: Good
Rage: Moderate

Darkness: Best
Deception: Good
Madness: Moderate

Corruption: Bad
Lightning: Bad
Maddness: Good

Medicine: Best
Concealment: Good
Lethality: Moderate

Engineering: Best
Marksmanship: Good
Lethality: Moderate

Pyrotech: Even
Advanced Protoype: Moderate
Shield: Moderate

Section M. - Leveling as Pyro

A lot of players wish to flat out level as Pyro the entire way, which I whole-heartidly recommend. My personal preference is Shield but that is only due to the soloabiliy of Heroics. However, that is not to say Pyro lacks a lot. It just requires you to be more careful in the way you play.

Leveling Companions:

Your main companions will be Mako, Torian or Gault. Both Skadge and Blizz won't do much to help you as even geared out they go down pretty quickly without you being a healer.

I always preferred Mako, it allows a bit more wiggle room when fighting elites or champions. Both Torian and Gault are great companions, but on tougher encounters it becomes a "kill them before they kill you" mentality.

In the event you are fighting an elite the *easiest* way to manage your companion is have them open up on the target and use any defensive (or offensive) cooldown they have. When they drop to around 30% or so use your taunt. Do not attack until this point, it gives you a good amount of free damage on the target before it starts beating your face in. Otherwise after that just damage it normally.

If you are using Mako, be sure to uncheck any of her damaging abilities. While she'll still take a pop shot at the target occasionally, she'll cast her heals more frequently as her GCDs aren't bogged down by casted damage abilities.

Leveling Specs:

There are a few ways you can level your character. I'll post one of the ways here, for every 10 levels so you can get an idea of what works out really well. I'm keeping these builds mainly PvE orientated from a leveling perspective.

Level 20:
Allocation Order: Burning Gas > Iron Fix > Superheated Gas > Sweltering Heat > Incendiary Missile

Level 30:
Allocation Order: Superheated Rail > Gyroscopic Alignment Jets >Prototype Particle Accelerator > Rapid Venting > Firebug
Note: If PvP Replace Rapid Venting with Infrared Sensors

Level 40:
Allocation Order: Firebug > Rain Of Fire > Burnout > Automated Defenses > Thermal Detonator
Note: If PvP, replace Automated Defenses with Energy Rebounder

Level 50:
Allocation Order: Puncture > Rail Loaders > Prototype Burn Enhancers > Prototype Cylinders > Intimidation

If you noticed the final 50 Build does use a 4/6/31 set up. With your stats generally being so low, especially aim, you'll gain more from a 4/6/31 build than a 7/3/31 build.
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