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380HP on a crit attack????? Makes a huge difference..... ONCE AGAIN... NUMBERS OUT OF UR AZZ!!! AND THIS IS A BEST CASE SCENARIO. Exactly how much crit and end did you give up to get those numbers?

No.. You are missing it. Georg is the Lead on this game, but I HIGHLY doubt he has a clear understanding of how the mathematics impact this game. I saw what he said... I laughed at it.Yeah, maybe there is some great magical formula that works in the background that gives expertise an advantage, but coming from a player that has almost EVERY tier of PvP & PvE equipment, expertise NOW makes it on par with PvE.

You don't understand exponential decay. The "BUFF" was slightly changing a multiplier to the log function and adding EXP to the mod and enh slots on BM and higher/adding more EXP to Cent gear(called recruit now), BUT EXPONENTIAL DECAY IS STILL THERE POST 1.2. The more you stack the less it benefits (i.e. In 1.2, 450EXP= 10%, but 900EXP= 18% (instead of 20%; for example))

Here are the charts and equations and are damn close to universally accepted by the community.
You need to understand damage is governed by:
1. BW Controlled Base Damage.
2. Player Controlled Bonus Damage (EXPERTISE ONLY AFFECTS THIS).
More questions:
Q: Since the EXP difference between Recruit and BM is small, why is it such a noticeable difference when you are in a WZ?
A: Better main/sec stats (I.E. in the GRAND scheme of things main/sec stats DO matter in PvP).

Q: Does -6MAIN = +69EXP(1.71%)
A: Questionable at best... and this is a conservative number.

Q: What is the full set trade off from Recruit gear to PvE L49/50 epics?

Here is a side by side to make it easier…
Notice….18.2% added to a 519 Damage Bonus= 614HP(less than 100HP difference), but I have a 1620HP advantage. You are negating 15% of my damage of 490.7…. Again, less than a 100HP difference. Please notice my 12%(!) advantage in surge. On a crit attack, I just outpaced your vaunted mitigation. AND this comparison assumes I don’t use equal tiered relics on the PvE toon(Champ/Columi are really on the same tier). I have looked at the equations over, and over, and over again even IF expertise affected tool tip ratings (which I have never been able to prove mathematically), we still are talking about drops in the bucket on a tier to tier basis. Overall the change in expertise was to boost a VERY deflated PvP stat to begin with. I screamed to the high heavens that expertise need to be buff because of the above reasons and people said I was crazy. Then BW buffed it. So……… the math I used, in conjunction with my in game observations (on self healing in open world PvP!), and BW actions in 1.2 has shown me that I was right:

If a Rakata player is losing to you in recruit gear, then they blow and you are SUPA LEET... Plain and simple. Do you have Rakata pieces? I STILL would guess the answer in no....... Conversely, I have 6 Rakata pieces, all the BM pieces, 3WH, and a shiz ton of columi/champ/cent stuff. Hell, I even bought a freaking RECRUIT implant last night just to give you REAL numbers on the trade off with my crit crafted implant (all on my previous post). Tried it all in PVP; pre and post 1.2. I sit at ~700EXP. I do just fine and laugh at overpowered marauders in the recruit gear(13k) while I am spiking them down in my "weak" PvE gear and underpowered class(at 18K HP). I can lead you to water, but I can't make you drink...
Where do you get the idea that expertise only effects bonus damage? It is stated nowhere. It buffs damage done while in a pvp situation, it doesnt increase your damage bonus stat. Same with the damage reduction, its not something that effects your bonus damage, it effects total damage.

Even in the graph they clearly state expertise is the way to go after 1.2, because it has that much of an impact. Pre 1.2 is a whole different story.

But gaining a flat 18% bonus to your damage dealt is alot, just like take x% less damage aswell.