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You forgot RATING, that is a HUGE part of disparity between gear. Also, BM/WH provides a SET BONUS recruit does not. Also, Expertise has a very Different Hard/soft cap then most other stats (that secret formula you were babbling about is in front of you nose).
edit: oh and Pre 1.2 you werent sitting at 700 EXP
2 rating points per piece means exactly what? MAX 32 armor rating? 2400 or 2432.... Real game changing there...
Yes, I was not at 700.... BY CHOICE!!!!! Basically after 1.2, I swapped out my mods and enhan for the PvP equiv. It was free +50 EXP per piece for raiders and I didn't nerf ANYTHING..... And guess what.... I bought 7 pairs on BM gloves. Can you explain why I did that?
PvP Gear Viability? Read this first.
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