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You're struggling to compare yourself to someone in Recruit gear..


If you only fight people in recruit gear, I want to play on your server...However using Rakata at any point in combat is bloody moronic, because the higher the PvP gears, the more it outpaces rakata.

Someone in BM or higher gear is going to hit you harder then someone in Recruit.. that is the simple fact of it.
Yes it is pretty simple, you said it... "someone in BM will hit you harder than recruit" even though the EXP percentage difference is 4%.
4 effin%, so why do BM hit SO much harder that Recruits? Because the main/secs are higher......... Main & secs are SIGNFICANTLY HIGHER on PvE gear tier for tier......... so you can outpace expertise gains.

I'm not comparing myself to someone in recruit. It is recruit to lvl 49/50 epics, BM to rakata, WH to Campaign, and everything else in the middle. How else can I explain "tier for tier"? Here I'll try again...

Should I wear Rakata or WH? WH is better in some cases, not in others (due to some secondary tradeoffs).
Should I wear Rakata or BM? Umm.... it really dont matter, they are pretty close in most cases (shown in my last post although at the recruit v. lvl49/50 level).
Should I wear Rakata or Recruit? Ummmm...... what?

Do I have to do an askmrrobot for BM V Rakata too?
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