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Would you insist the coach let you play your next football, soccer, baseball, etc ... game if you weren't wearing your cletes? "But coach, I couldn't afford my cletes. I should still be able to play!!"

Nope. It hurts the team, and you.

When I hit 50 on my BH. I tried getting into a HM Kaon group. The leader inspected me and apologized that he would not let me in the group since my gear was underpar and they would not be able to finish with me in the group. He suggested I do my dailies and run HM BT, BP, etc to gear up.

I got it. Understood. I wouldn't want me in there either if I were to be the cause of failure.

The same should apply to PVP. If you are going to be a detriment to your team. Why join? It's common sense.

To all of those screaming "You were 50 once....let them play." Yeah, you're right. I was 50 once and I geared up so I could actually compete and contribute towards winning.
I like your analogy, it's true.
Also, Now people should have NO problem being geared (for pvp) at new 50. PvP (while your better then everyone else) Pre-50; i recommend 47-50 ( come on, your going to spend your time at 50 pvping anyway) get maxed coms, maxed valor. Now you have two options. You can basically either buy Full BM at 50 or a WH piece.
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