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05.10.2012 , 11:58 AM | #157
i seen a level 50 come in to a warzone last night iwth 10k hp. we all told the eprson to leave and go get the recruit gear. this persons reasponse was "why? i am poor, besides i am not causing you to lose" this person had 0 kills 15 deaths.

the point is this excuse about not having credits is a joke. the reason these people do this is they are LAZY POSs. they hit 50 and decided they were not going to do anymore quest. GO OUT AND DO SOME QUEST FOR AN HOUR OR SO AND YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY OF CREDITS. you make 500k for doing the Corellia quest.

stop using excuses for your LAZY aditudes and go out and earn some credits.

there should be a requirment to have recruit gear for entering warzones at 50.