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It definitely is possible to crit on gathering a node, however it seems to be extraordinarily rare. I have been playing since day 1 of early access, and i have crit on manual gathering exactly once. It was a slicing node, and it gave me a blue-border money box(along with a normal white-border one). The blue box contained about 500 credits while the white only contained about 100. (it was on corusant, during the first week of early access)

If i knew at that time how rare it was i'd have taken a screenshot
Just to go back to this idea, do we have confirmation on whether a companion's critical bonus on a gathering skill (e.g. Akaavi Spar on Bioanalysis, or M1-4X on Scavenging) affects node-gathering in the world?

It would make sense if it did, since there are distinct options in game for either having your character gather the node or having your companion do it - which is to say, a node that is close to some mobs, where you can reach it but your companion might take a step too far, would cause you to have to fight those mobs if you want the shot at getting extra materials from your companion's superior gathering skill.

Having said that, there are plenty of people who seem to think that a companion's gathering skill bonus has no effect on how much you'll get from a node (which is usually two, three or four of the item in question).

So which is it? Is it worth having T7-01 out to slice those Durasteel Footlockers on Ilum, does anyone know? Are Inquisitors who force Talos Drellik to dig in the dirt for Primeval Artifacts just wasting their time?

Thanks kindly in advance