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Still dont get it? Trolling? No... Obervations and simple math...yes. Ask yourself why BW buffed expertise if it really was on par with PvE gear? Are your seriously suggesting wearing recuit gear is better than wearing Rakata? I'll say it again expertise ONLY increases bonus damage/healing. What goes into your bonus damage? Ta-da..... MAIN STAT/POW/FORCE/TECH.

Do you want 16% increase on 600 bonus damage or 700 bonus damage? That does not even account for contributions of main stat to crit rating. As I said before, mitigation is even more muted, and healing is a joke. I also would guess you don't have any PvE gear to even compare it, so... I am using real stats to compare this you are just talking out of ur azz.... With the buff given in 1.2 it is on par with PvE stuff tier for tier.
Not how it works. As I said missinformed.

Its about top end damage. Not your bonus damage, its a bonus to your damage when its all added together.

Say you deal 5000 damage in PvE gear and the opponent in PvP gear deals 4000 damage.

You have 0 expertise, he has 17% worth of damage increase and 14% DR.

5000 x 86% = 4300
4000 x 117% = 4680

So even if you manage to deal much higher damage in PvE gear, here in my example its 20% higher before adding in expertise (lowest possible expertise really) , you still deal less vs someone in just recruit gear.

Then the gap gets even larger between BM and no expertise (no matter what PvE gear you wear). The current recruit gear is on par with champion gear, statwise its in between centurion and champion gear, but in expertise its higher than champion with about 2% units. And even pre 1.2 centurion geared players used to wreck rakata geared players in PvP. Now expertise makes an even larger difference, so I dont see how rakata suddenly became better than it was vs centurion gear in PvP pre 1.2. Or do you think that blue automatically = bad?

Current recruit rating is higher than any full modded level 50 entry gear. Same with its weapon, much higher damage than a modded weapon with level 50 epic mods.

Level 50 daily armoring/barrel/hilt = 126 rating.
Recruit gear = 128 rating.

Also as your last statement imples. Feel free to go up against a BM geared player in Rakata thinking they are "on par" for PvP purposes.