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Hello and welcome to the game!

As you mention, one of the strongest points of SWTOR is the class stories. you have probably heard, if not experienced yourself yet, that every class has a different story. This, combined with the Legacy features, encourages the player to play several different characters.

I think the fact that it's so easy to overlevel the content, is because the game is designed to not experience all of it on your first play through. That way, when you play a different character you won't be repeating all the same content once again.

It isn't really "wrong", per se, to be much higher level than the content. But it has a few problems:
- combat becomes trivial and thus boring
- the rewards are too low to be of any use for you
- if you are more than 5 levels higher than intended, the XP rewards become next to nothing (0 for killing enemies, 5 XP for completing missions)
The last point means that the problem corrects itself over time, but it will slow down your progression. If you are enjoying the journey it isn't that bad, but if you play with your guildmates often you won't want to be left behind because they are two planets further.

If the missions in your log turn grey, it means they will give only 5 XP. If you reach that point, try to do only your class missions on the next planet. That should be enough for you to arrive at the next planet with the intended level. When you create your next character, all the missions in that planet will be brand new!

Incidentally, that is why so few people do Heroic missions - they are not needed at all for your character progression, and for some the time spent trying to set up a group is time wasted. It may be lot of fun just to play with other people though - do try and find a group, you will eventually get lucky.