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Welcome to SWTOR.

The leveling rate is off for some planets/classes. Sometimes you will be higher, other times you will be sucking wind cause you are too low. If you are too high, dont worry about it, just push on through. Too low, do some warzones/space missions to get that level up.

People seem to be in a hurry because it is not their first time doing that heroic/flashpoint. The stories are great, I do love them, but the 100th time doing Esseles has me.... twitching.

And finally, people dont normally do heroics on planets like Belsavis because they are gearing to get off that planet as soon as possible. And you normally only get 3 planetary commendations. For some it is worth it, for others, not so much. Because I think Belsavis has you near level 40? Or is that Balmora? Anyhow, PvP gear is usually gotten and they dont need any current gear to help them level/pvp.

Again, welcome to SWTOR, hope your stay is enjoyable.
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