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Hello there, everyone. Totally new to this, not just SWTOR, but to MMORPGs in general, so please forgive me if I come over as the consummate village idiot. Never really saw the appeal of this kind of game before, but caught some trailers for this one somewhere and something about it sparked my imagination. So here I am, and for the most part I must say I'm enjoying it immensely.

My character's story-driven gaming experience is very enjoyable, I didn't know MMOs had this kind of stuff. The conversations are great, and I like the moral choices and various options for pleasing or teeing off your companions (as a fan of the Mass Effect games I feel really at home here). Quite soon I ran into someone to do heroics with, and this person was very helpful and kind. He/she babysat me through Hammer Station (just the two of us, which was pretty cool), did a few other missions with me, and without any prompting or wanting anything in return, made me an arse-kicking light sabre. A sabre I am still using quite a few levels later, because it is miles better than anything I can buy or currently gets dropped as loot. It's really nice to know there are people like this around who are helpful to newcomers. You do hear such horror stories about people acting like complete tools in this sort of game.

Only a few minutes in I was invited to join a guild: Had no idea actually what a guild even was, but I thought I'd give it a go (if only to be polite), and am glad I did. They were running World Boss Hunts so I went on one of those: On Tatooine and with low-level me with the paint still wet on my new spaceship. It was quite the odyssey just getting to the world boss and that felt an achievement. Lot of fun, but of course the World Boss killed me pretty quickly. I quite like being in the guild, for one thing having the guild members chattering away in the corner while I'm playing solo is almost like having someone along with you. The conversations are usually funny, and when they aren't they're informative about the game.

Well that's the good, but here's the not-so-good. Only two things, really: One, why is everyone in such a damn hurry? Playing an heroic mission with some other guys and we get to a conversation. Suddenly the group chat is full of...

Press spacebar to skip conversation
Press spacebar plz
Spacebar plz

Jeez, does it not occur to you that I might actually want to, you know, listen to the damn conversation before I pick an option? Seems to me that most people I meet are in one hell of a hurry to charge headlong off into the sunset towards that mythical 50th Level, rather than enjoying the journey reaching it. Why is that? I hear there isn't all that much to do when you actually get there.

It reminds me a little of this thing we had at a local food festival. It was called "The Ale Trail" and was basically a pub crawl. At each of thirteen or so participating pubs around the countryside where you bought a drink, you would get a stamp in your little book. If you did this at all the pubs you got an engraved commemorative beer glass at the end. I used to go on it with my brother and some other friends. He would spoil it by constantly fretting about getting to the next pub and trying to rush us, instead of enjoying the one we were in. I could never understand that, it even impaired his own enjoyment of the day, but he couldn't help himself.

Anyway, sometimes playing SWTOR I feel like I'm back on the Ale Trail with my brother. I appreciate that folks like to play in different ways, and some might be on a second, third or fourth play-through, but I do feel a little out of step with other players at times, even the nice ones who aren't constantly nagging me to hurry up and press Space.

The other downer is since getting to Balmorra nobody seems to be doing heroic missions. It was real easy to put a group together on Korriban and Dromund Kaas, but everyone seems to be soloing on Balmorra. Hardly any LFGs in the Social Window, and almost no responses when people ask in General Chat. I'm ready to leave the planet as far as my character story is concerned, but there are still seven or so heroics I haven't done, and I'd like to. Do I have to resign myself to the fact that I'm not going to get to do them? Would be a shame to miss out.

Finally, I have slight concerns about my rate of levelling. I seem to be at a much higher level than the planet I'm supposed to be on is designed for. I haven't been pursuing any kind of conscious power-levelling strategy, I've simply been playing the content that has been put in front of me. My concern is that the game will become too easy. Am I doing something wrong? The reason I'm a little worried is that I noticed I had missed an heroic mission on Dromund Kaas and so went back to do it (just felt like it). I totally curb-stomped these guys who previously could kill me just by looking at me. Their shots were literally just bouncing off me and doing no harm at all, while I slowly walked around dispatching them one by one. It was great fun to feel like such a baddass for a change (the person I was playing with thought it was hilarious), but obviously, if the whole game becomes like that it will get boring very quickly.

Do I need to worry about this? What should I do about it?

Really sorry this post has ending up being so long. It's just that I'm enjoying this game and my enthusiasm got the better of me a tad.