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I can understand your perspective as a Tank, however almost any Heal-capable AC can solo most of those "heroics" with their companions once they are +2 or +3 levels adjusted above the flashpoint.

In some cases, they can solo it entirely by themselves.

What I dont understand is the general concept of "Must have a full group." nonsense, which is simply that: nonsense.

I dual-box two accounts and characters simultaneously, and I have no difficulty duo'ing every flashpoint without a full group, regardless of what the "Recommended for <x number> of players" warning says.

The real issue in this instance is not being able to choose which "type" of companion you get at level 10, not the fact that people are unwilling to group with you.

Consulars/Inquisitors get a "Tank" Companion right out the door, which means they dont have to tank at all, even though they both have an AC which is designed for this.

The other classes dont have the same options, as their starting companions arent all heal-types that can work with the Tanking AC's at that level.

A solution would be to allow the player to choose the given roll for their Companion, if not have both types of companions available from the start.

Honestly, I see no point in creating two "sets" of companions for both Warrior/Inquisitor and Knight/Consular, as all the companion "types" do the same things, regardless of which NPC is assigned to each class.
A more effective method would be to let the player decide which of two "Types" of companions they want at level 10, and them simply switch the existing ones to make up for it as the character levels.

For example:

All Classes get either a Tank or DPS type companion when they reach level 9-10.
This is only conducive for classes that have heal-capable AC's until the next companion is unlocked.

For players who choose Tank/DPS classes and AC's, their companions are either tanks, (useless) or extra DPS, which is also more or less useless.

This makes solo'ing content or minimizing flashpoint group sizes restrictive, as those players MUST have a heal-capable member in their group in order to survive the Elite/Boss/Champion encounters.

The only way around not having a healer for the lower level flashpoints is to simply out-dps the high-health targets via attrition: Kill them before your player/companion "Tank" dies.
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