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I've only done Quinn and Kaliyo to completion; I went as far with Corso Riggs as I ever care to and just recently hit Act 2 with Andronikos and with Elara Dorne.

Favorite from a good-writing perspective? Kaliyo, hands down.

Quinn has some plot issues and a dom/sub dynamic that can reach disturbing levels. I'm not big on ordering guys into physical interaction immediately after they say no. It's true, you can choose not to play this aspect up. His line is slow and bewildering and enchanting. But, setting everything else aside, if anybody else walked up to me and reported that he's cleaned up the bloodstains from his last endeavour, let's have sex now, I would...well, definitely not have sex with him. (Who does that!?)

Corso's sweet and old-fashioned and controlling beyond belief. Plus the background he drops in the same breath as "Can I court you?" was disgustingly jarring. Like "Have you lost your mind?" jarring. Nuh-uh.

Kaliyo is a certifiable psychopath, but she'll tell you what she wants (mostly ), assert her limits without apologizing for them, and just be playful. Felt like I was dealing with a person, not a mishmash of back story traits. As for the mind games...bring it on. Running the relationship as a continuing fling between two adults who know better than to make a mushfest out of a good thing, I loved it.
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