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So I've leveled a scoundrel to 12, a Gunslinger to 15, and a Jedi Guardian to 12. I can't decide a class to level to 50, and it its ruining my good time.

I would want to play my Jedi first, but there are a ton of force users. It sucks joining a grp full of lightsaber users, or getting lost in the melee dog pile in warzones.

Scoundrel was meh, and I enjoy the Gunslinger, just feel like I would have more fun as a Guardian.

Madness.. I don't know what to do. Anyone else have this problem? Or the solution for it?
My biggest problem is the lack of Dual Spec and knowing that I cannot ever change my Advance Class.

It's slowing things down for me from that point of view, because I don't want to feel I am stuck at say level 25 and need to reroll.

Strangely, I don't have this problem in Wow or RIFT where you pick a class and then talent trees. The difference seems to be the Advance Class system which is what really determines how your character plays.