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12.13.2011 , 12:01 PM | #25
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He has every reason to be mad.

For example, I took this week off for vacation from work, until next Tuesday. I plan on being max level by then, or close to it, and on a PvP server. If they withheld my access (I put in my code the day they announced it) for a few days, I would be mad too.
Actually, he really doesn't. They've always maintained that early access would be UP TO (key words there) 5 days early. The smart man would start his vacation on the 20th if he was basing it around getting in. People seem to confuse EARLY access with official launch. While they are part of the same process, you are owed nothing.

You paid for a game that comes out in a week. If you get in early, so much the better. And don't give me that "I pre-ordered to get early access!" like you weren't going to pre-order anyway. I don't buy it.