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I'm not trying to cry about something here but I want to point the obvious. I don't see why there are so many heroics in the game and nobody wants to group with you. I'm a powertech tank spec and I can't solo anything in heroics. There are some class that can. I don't understand the whole logic with so many heroics care to explain? Just make it simple as you did early in the game. Why not just have one boss fight for each heroic quest instead of having to kill a mob of elites that require a group.

This is really discouraging and it's making me not enjoy the game as I thought i would. I find myself LFG more than I play.

Why don't you do the non heroics and get back to them later? I did, that's where I'm stuck right now. I'm forced to move on to level up some more and come back for them to get no experience at all.

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