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05.09.2012 , 07:39 AM | #2
I think it's very unlikely BW will allow this - the game is very noob-friendly and PvE oriented. They want players to be able to play the game solo from start to finish without ever being molested by the opposing faction. They even balanced the game carefully so groups are unnecessary for storyline progress.

Given that, do you think they're going to let Imps smuggle themselves onto Coruscant or Jedi onto Dromund Kaas with PvP against noobs trying to level?

Even if more cross-faction territory would be good for the game, I can't see anything but mischief resulting from enemy players being allowed to waltz into each others' starter planets looking to cause trouble. It's not even realistic to think there'd be Sith or Jedi or whatever openly challenging people in the heart of enemy territory.