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So I was thinking that it would be cool if they allowed players to visit the capital worlds and starter worlds of the other faction. I would love for my Sith to visit Coruscant, Tython, and Ord Mantell, but alas that is presently not allowed.

And I understand, to a certain extent. You don't want Jedi who just got their ships to camp on Korriban, Hutta, or Kaas and kill all the starter characters.

But maybe there are some work-arounds that the developers could institute.

Here's how I think it could work, while staying in character, and preventing abuse.

1- Players wanting to go deep in the other faction's territory must visit a neutral planet, like Tatooine. There, you might find a smuggler shuttle or some other underworld vessel who would act as a vendor. You pay the vendor a rather large sum to bring you to the capital or origin world of your choice.

2- Once on that planet, you remain stealthed. A disguise mechanism of sorts means that your identity remains hidden. You can walk about the planet freely, and you can fight NPCs, but other players do not see you as being from the other side.

3- You have the option to engage in PVP, but there should be consequences. One idea is that, after a few kills, you get swarmed by L50 NPCs and then respawn on your side's fleet. Another possible choice is that your stats are tuned downward so that your strength represents that of a person mid-way through that planet (L5 for starter worlds, L13 for capitals, maybe). So that if you do try attacking the noobs, then you must face them at their level. In that case, it might also be interesting to auto-flag your character for PVP, even on PVE servers, so that there is some level of danger on the planet.

Implementing these ideas might allow players to fully map out their enemy's origin and capital worlds, get all the datacrons and all the lore objects, and otherwise complete the game more fully, while also making it expensive and dangerous to do so.

I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on this?