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I don't understand how the Revan tomb sidequest on Nar Shadaa makes any sense at all. The premise that he left a secret factory in the heart of a wealthy, heavily populated world and it went undisturbed for 300 years (apparently stealing power from the rest of the city) is a bit silly. More importantly, didn't he set off into uncharted space searching for the true Sith? What was he doing on Nar Shadaa - and why would he leave that technology there?

It would make sense if his base was on Dromund Kaas, or at least somewhere in Imperial space. But what are we supposed to believe from that storyline - that Revan went off to search for the Empire and ended up settling for a while in Hutt space? What, he just got lost or gave up? Did he ever leave Nar Shadaa? Was he a VIP at the Starlight Casino in the high rollers club?