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It took almost a year for WOW to even put in endgame content lol.

Then it was over tuned and took months to get things done..

Also the flash points you have done are like Dead Mines and Wailing Caverns on wow.

It's a new game and it will likely take the devs years to work out things that can be done with the engine mechanic wise. Give it time.
Ok, firstly... people should stop using the excuse of "When woW was released it was also buggy/unfishing/whatever"

This argument I am afraid holds no water whatsoever. WoW was released what, 7 years or so ago? People learn not only from their own mistakes, but others too. You cant release a buggy PoS and expect it to do well, people are used to playing polished games, release it in a polished finished state, or expect to fail.

So anwyays, having said that, i think while SWTOR is far from perfect, I still think it doesnt fail and I am enjoying myself =). I just think we cant use the same old arguments anymore, MMOs are no longer a "new" thing!

As for bosses..... Here is a link to the final boss fight of directive seven.... i will NOT be doing this with pugs =) and it is not quite tank and spank.