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I'm pretty sure I found both, and the Traditional Brocart Vestments even twice (and crit crafted in less than 5 tries after the first find). Not too sure about the Demicot, it has traditional and anointed I think, not sure which schematics I have of which, and I may even have a spare one in there somewhere. Ofcourse a spare schematic doesn't help if we're not on the same server.

On a different note: As far as crafting headgear goes, still no luck in crit crafting, but at least I've seen them being linked in chat, so it must be possible. Also the hood issues still make choosing one a tough choice, would be easy if circlets lowered the hood, but that'd probably shave your head if it would. Still, circlets may be the best looking choice (or just not show headwear) or the chinwear.
Do you remember where you picked up the Traditional Brocart Vestments schematics? I've been looking for information on where to find this but keep coming up with dead ends.