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Yes 50s armor is horrid and many of the lower level armors (modable or not. this is why we wanted to RE stuff we find into orange shells BW, not just a few but many!) "fit" Star Wars far better than anything that is endgame. I saw one helm on my alt and thought, "What on earth is that stupid fin thingy doing on Sith Warriors head?".

Some things I'd like to see. More pants maybe include some shorts too ala Lara Croft. It would kinda fit with smugglers (at least my smuggler). Female Twi'leks typically wore tighter, more revealing clothing to maintain their elegant figures and enhance their value to males. So something kinda sexy would be fitting assuming there are female Twi'leks wearing them. I know my Sorc looks kinda odd in all those heavy robes. Get those girls some pants!

More slinky stuff. If I'm gonna wear a dress, I want something with some slink. You don't have to dress like a prostitute to be sexy, but to only wear stuff that would make monks say "ugh that looks drab!" is going past safe and headed toward Puritanism! And on a similar vein, why add the buttflap to the Imperial Dancer's outfit? It looks out of place and it clashes with the outfits style. The buttflap belongs on the slave outfit as that is iconic Star Wars, but really it just looks silly on the imp dancer's outfit.

Can my Jedis and Juggs get some heavy armor that looks like heavy armor (Jedi/Sith style of course) kind of like the guy on the load screens I see far too much of? Bits and pieces of heavy armor but with plenty of cloth (or whatever the flexible stuffs may be) at the joints for maneuverability. Robes are ok, but since lightsabers are weak as a regular sword in the game (slight exageration I know but we've seen them penetrate BLAST DOORS FFS in the movies) might as well trade some movement for some anti-slash/anti-blaster defenses.

Why must my smuggler be deprived of the cool trenchcoat look the agents can have? Han wore a trench look on Endor and that "Imma Space cowboy!" thing just doesn't work for me. I maybe might like to not advertise the fact I'm packing two blasters to every cop/security guy that I see (And where on earth are scoundrels hiding those shotguns?!), you know on account that I'm a SMUGGLER WITH A PRICE ON MY HEAD!!!!!!! And how better to hide the fact you're armed to the teeth than a long coat?

And one last thing. If I ever manage to get a Twi'lek to 50 on a server I have room, I want to make a Darth Talon lookalike.

Darth Talon

And to think she'd be wearing so much bulky junk is beyond appaling! Put some sexy stuffs for fem Sith Warriors in there guys!
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