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I had a story that I told when the game was in beta, and I guess because people thought I was trying to get some kinda of beta access out of my sob story, it didn't get the reception I thought it would (and I wasn't looking for pity or anything, I just felt like my son's story deserved to be heard.)

Anyways, ill keep it short this time, since last time I think the amount of detail also was fairly off-putting.

My son died a few months ago, after a mysterious head injury following a car accident (it was a minor accident, his death was a huge shock and was out of nowhere, even the doctors were completely taken by surprise.)

My son had been talking about this game since he heard it was coming out, he was always a big star wars fan, and a few years ago even asked that I buy him a super nintendo and all the "super star wars" games, he loved them.

My son died only a few short months before being able to play this game, he talked about it for years, would draw pictures, and tell me about the game as new juicy bits of info were released.

He wanted to be a bounty hunter, and now he never will. So I have decided to play for him. To enjoy the game as best I can, and to make a bounty hunter in his name and as close to his image as I could, and be the best bounty hunter I possibly can be, because I know he would have be really good and other players would have no doubt looked up to him.

Again im not looking for pity or anything, but I love my son and his story deserved to get told.

and please, dont say this is off-topic because this has everything to do with star wars: the old republic.

Thanks for reading!
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