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I have multiple 50s that I play regularly, and I have a couple that do operations. I've bought all the columni gear I need for my operations toon that I have, and want to use that currency to help get other level 50 characters the same gear.

Are there any plans to make columni or tionese currency bind on legacy? This would allow some of us that want to have multiple operations ready characters to do it very easily, especially since most of us know the roles of those other characters as well, even though they tend to be back up characters (IE: My main operations toon is a IA Sniper, but I have a operations ready SI Assassin Tank that I have used in the past to tank operations when needed. My guild has a healer that has switched from an Operative to a Sorceror because they like the play style better, and has been having some trouble gearing the new healer due to availablity to run flashpoints.)

I understand that with the LFG tool coming in 1.3 it will be easier to gear these characters up, but with a large number of us getting currency we can't use, it would help to maybe make it useful for legacy purposes. Even if the currency could only be used to purchase legacy orange armor pieces, it would be someone useful.

Secondary suggestion: Make craftable patterns for Enhancements/Modifications/Armoring pieces available via these tokens that are operations quality, similar to the crystal patterns available via daily tokens, to allow Cybertechs and Artificers other ways to contribute to either their guilds or to add more useful items to the game economy.