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05.08.2012 , 03:11 PM | #12
Well, considering PvE is player vs bot[...]When you die in PvE the boss doesn't get harder the next time around.
The typical PvP mumbo jumbo about "unpredictability", etc...

No I don't want to have the "loot piņata" PvP is on this game on PvE... I want to be rewarded for execution and effort and coming home with a good repair bill if I fail...

...Not to pretend you do something (To avoid AFK kick) and then grind your way to success without actually having to bother to perform on your activity.

But it's the kind of PvP player SWTOR is catering to... The ones lacking the will to dedicate any energies to get anything acomplished (That's why you can also laugh hard at the "requirements" to craft PvP augmented gear... Compared to gear for PvE which is basically a tribute to how much the Devs expect PvP players to get "involved" into anything else than sit there waiting for the next queue to pop up).

I just demand that PvP gear got in the "loot piņata" invest more item budget into expertise (And expertise effect improved) so it becomes weaker on PvE so, in turn, I don't need to deal with "PvP heros" that may think their "hard earned" gear can get them into any form of high-end PvE.

It will be very important so when 1.3 anonymous Dungeoneering arrives... The PvP dressed players underperform as badly in PvE dressed ones do ATM on WZ... Because ofc, they can't believe that lacking any kind of practice on PvE encounters have any impact on the outcome of their runs and... We don't want to mix gear between activities, right?