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Personally... I'd have to say that Nadia, Ashara, and Kira are all Revanites at their core. It's a playstyle I prefer as well. A grey path.

At least one of these is actually a Sith turned Jedi so you can't count her as falling even if she acts Corrupt unless you start counting all the men that were corrupt when they start off as well.

A Second one is a non-Jedi/Sith Force User trained in a grey path to begin with and only tries to be truely Jedi if you push her in that direction that just happens to join one of the Orders as the story progresses.

And the Third even though she does fall to Corruption still Rejects part of what it means to be a Sith which is what made Revan himself so dangerous an adversary on his own.

As for Yuon. If your going to count her falling. You also have to count her male Counterparts as that story progresses which outnumber her 3 to 1 in falling to the influence of the dark side. You just see it much more in Yuon because you deal with her more closely as it progresses until you free her. Which would mean that it is the Males that are more susceptable in that story arc.