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Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
We have some more details about this patch note - this change made more Custom (orange) items available for reverse engineering, but it currently does not include crafted Custom items. We will be adding the ability to reverse engineer crafted Custom items in the future, but that functionality was not included in this change. Sorry for the confusion; we're updating the patch note right now.
Huh? The whole reason we want to RE orange gear (assuming we can't get schematics from it), is so that we don't have to vendor all the crit failures when making augmented oranges. There's no point in letting us RE non-crafted oranges for a few common crafting mats, don't waste your time.

The miscommunications about crafting changes also have to stop. Either list every single item that has had a change and what that change was (preferable, since you have to have those lists internally), or be very, very specific about the group of items that you changed, eg, "flashpoint orange drops are now REable for common crafting materials only", "crafted oranges from UT schematics", "oranges from repeatable heroics", etc. Be specific, even if you feel like you need to split that out into a different set of patch notes for the non-casuals.