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More likely simply poor memory.

Overall, I'd say in general there's no real difference in susceptability between male vs female in the game, but they do adhere to a somewhat mysoginistic archetype of the "niave young woman" for Jaesa and Ashara. Nadia and Kira are a little fuzzier depending on the player's opinion of corruption.
Kira is a former street kid and Child of the Emperor with Stih training. She's trying to do good now, but doesn't always agree with LS choices. She's still a work in progress, as far as becoming a full Jedi, and even then, she'll NEVER be the "ideal" Jedi. Imo, she believes that positive emotions are better than no emotion, similar to Revan and my personal Jedi Knight character. Sometimes hard choices have to be made. If those choices get me DS points, then so be it.
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