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Some people have used extra memory to set up RAM Disk. The thread also explains some of the mechaincs of why load times are bad.

One word about SSD. If you upgrade to SSD be aware that there are some issues when cloning from a non-SSD to SSD that decreases optimal SSD performance. A clean format/install using Windows 7 recognizes the drive and will configure / block it correctly. If you search on "Cloning HHD to SSD" you'll find tons of info about it. There is 3rd party cloning software available that handles all of this. You can also manually configure it if you know what to do. BTW I upgraded to SSD and the performance is awesome.

One more thing, if you are not using a 64 bit OS then you cannot use the 8GB of memory. The most a 32 bit OS can address is about 4GB.
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