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Sadly, the raids in this game seem to suffer from the same problem, mostly being tank and spank with 1, maybe 2 simple mechanics to watch out from.

This is not a Q_Q-thread, but more a thread of concern because of experience, why does every new MMO on the market have to start with having instances with mechanics/scripting/design that belongs to MMO's back in 2000-2004? It's 2011, having fifty tank and spank fights is not fun for everybody, even completely new people to the genre wants more than that.

Bioware, you've done a great job with the outdoor levelling, pvping and general class mechanics, please don't let the game slip on endgame content simply because you're too lazy to make proper mechanics for each fight, you should have the knowledge, and most of all DARE, to make fights from the start as mechanically challenging as let's say Alyszrazor from the firelands in WoW on heroic which is a mechanical masterpiece, just with tuned down numbers.
You could be right that operation are boring tank n spank. I haven't done them yet but... I doubt you did either. You are telling me you already have 8/16 person at lvl 50 and did those operation? damn! That's hot!

Also, if you think Alysrazor mechanic are "challenging", you are just bad and nothing will help you... DAMN fire tornado going in my direction? what should I do? Oh ****! Flaming bird is on the left! I should be on the right side of that boulder! I have to press button while flying in those circle in the air! Incredible! Oh and fire is bad! Nobody could realise that!

have fun on fun with Dragon Soul! There is alot of challenging tentacle up there! They are all mostly dangerous also!