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05.08.2012 , 08:06 AM | #15
Your topic says EC, yet you're only talking about the first boss. Okay. Our 8-man has cleared HM EC (pre-fixes, I guess, now that today's patch is out), and our melee DPS routinely beat out our ranged DPS in each fight -- executes help a lot in that respect.

If you're dying to Toth's 1500-damage stomps then you're either leaving out where all of your OTHER damage taken is coming from, or your healers are retarded. Like others are saying, stay on Toth the whole time unless one of Zorn's DPS gets Fearful and needs to switch temporarily. Don't stand in red beacons during the AoE phase. If you're on Hard Mode, be nice to your healers and out-range Toth's initial stomp after he goes berserk, then charge back in.