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I never said you were panicking, but some people seemed to be.

People went on there account, saw that the "Redeem a Product Registration Code" wasn't checked and went Beserk.... One of them also called Origin!

Read the top of the page (Like I did before panicking) and you'll see this :

If you are a pre-order customer, the following steps are NOT required for Early Game Access. However, in order to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ at the official launch of the game on December 20, 2011, 12:01AM EST (...), you must first...

Wasn't it clear enough?!

Yes, clear as mud as I said. If you've got 4 pages of posts basically asking the same question then there is obviously much misunderstanding.
Oh, give me a break. It's as clear is it can be. There are four pages of posts because people don't read.
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