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05.08.2012 , 06:10 AM | #28
I have to agree with OP, put it back the way it was, please. If rebels don't have an equivalent then give them one. This is no different than people running Scarlet Monastery in World of Warcraft for fast money. Sometimes you simply can't find a group so you can't progress reliably with level 50 FPs (at least on my server it's impossible). Let us have our speeders in Flashpoints not just so we can farm credits when we get bored to buy better gear, but because some people prefer to do speed runs for social points and affection gain as well. If you look at the prices gold farmers are spamming your mailbox with, things haven't changed since speeders were taken out of there, prices are the same. It doesn't matter to bots that FPs take longer to complete. It does matter to the real player who's only trying to advance their toons.