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The whole thing really depends on what kind of a Jedi character you want to build. There are Jedi and Jedi. Some will be stern and stoic, like Mace Windu. Others will be a bit more light-hearted and "down to earth" like Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan, maybe even Luke. There will be some who will be brazen and slightly arrogant like Ahsoka Tano. And finally, there will be Jedi like Anakin who won't abide the Jedi Code if it violates their personal ideals and values. All of those types - and everything in between - will react differently when it comes to the upholding of the Code.

Going to a bar won't be unreasonable, I believe, but from a roleplaying perspective a quiet meditation sequence is more plausible. Flirting with the dancers... not strictly forbidden, but it would be very strange and out of character for a Jedi - even for the unortodox ones. Remember, the Jedi are not very big on their social skills. They are monks, really. With spaceships and lazer swords, sure, but monks nonetheless. Flirting and partying are more up the Smuggler and the Bounty Hunter's alley.
I really couldn't agree more with this. It all comes down to what type of jedi you want to play. I can imagine monk as someone said we should think of jedis as monks, who is roisterous, drinking, and womanizing but that would be one very unorthodox jedi, probbably frowned upon by the rest of the jedi community, and master would advise their padawans to avoid him... Bottom line is that the jedi code can be interpreted in many different ways... One more thing I am intrigued about, and I did ask this question several times, but people seems to think I'm trolling is, why would every flirt lead to relationship, and why would you develop feelings for every person with who you ahve been in relationship... Jedis are not prohibited from having relationships just from developing feelengs (just think about it, you didn't really love every girl you have been with, didn't you?)