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I mostly play on PvE and whilst I've not really had the pleasure of being in an active SW:TOR guild, I can say from past experiences on 'that other game' is that when looking at people to recruit, guilds do not generally judge people by their name.
I've met people with some pretty stupid names in-game (if I'm being honest) who turned out to be excellent players and really nice fellows.
Okay, so these are definitely the minority, as like most of the other posters in this thread, I see a stupid name and I know to expect an idiot (and this expectation is usually met).
But like many others said, I agree that this should matter in RP... but not in PvE. People have the right to expression and if you don't want to risk playing with them (like people I know with silly names, they could be good players and people!!), then don't, that's your perogative and your choice to make.

Just as a little bit of a side-anecdote, I once saw a player on 'that other game' called EileenDover. I swear, I was laughing for about 5 mins. It was a low-level character so I have no idea if the name made it to end-game, but at least me and my friends had a good laugh about it at the time.
Me and my significant other - when referred to as a couple - were called Leanova (which is a combination of our character names). Now, this has significance to us, but in-game and used as a character name, most people would see it and think it a pun and label it as a 'silly' or 'inappropriate' name, which just goes to show that what may be silly for one person may not be for another.
Just to add that it was a nickname our friends gave us and never actually made it into game as a proper character as my significant other quit and I generally not do use silly names for my characters; they are always serious.

This world is faaaar too judgemental as it is, so I try to keep an open mind when it comes to these things.