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05.08.2012 , 02:01 AM | #24
This is a game OP. Games are there for the sole reason of having fun. If someone has fun by running around with a wierd or "tacky" name then he is succeeding. Power to him. As with every single topic regarding taste.... "to each his own". You cannot regulate taste or define it. Especially on the internet.....

Maybe some people just don't enjoy super serious names and cannot relate to them. I've seen some very odd names on here that would give a Norwegian ice fisherman a run for his money. A name like that I have no connection to and would not enjoy for 50 levels, yet by your standards you would think its great and creative. If every single person in this game had a serious name according to your listing it would get boring and feel exactly like Im playing in a random name generated game.... boring.

Every now and then I might see a funny playful name and it might make me chuckle for 5 seconds while questing. I value those 5 seconds of random chuckle now and then, but if you had your way they would disappear. Or alternatively I might see a terrible name and it makes me frown at the poor retard for making yet another luke skywalker variation. Either way.... it provokes an emotional response. Id rather have a response whether its positive or negative over your idea of a random generated name game where people don't express themselves with their names.

Either way you look at it... As you said... the name of a toon is the first impression one gets of a person. If everyone just random generates cool names or makes up some creative name then there is no personality in the name. You wont be able to make a first impression. If I see a playful name variation of "Chewbacca" then I can tell the guy has a sense of humour and isnt too serious. If its a ****** variation of Skywalker then I know he is probably under 18 and its best for me personally to avoid.

Either way... Ill take the bad names and good names in all their glory over your idea of a stale random name generated game.