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Ah, no worries. A "blunt" is a reference to smokeable drugs. Google it. Just maybe not on a work or parental computer.

Again, not intending to make anyone upset.
I do know what a "blunt" is, (I'm 33...) just don't see how it is offensive.
Recreational terms, ok. But names of medicine, thats getting a bit overly zealous, IMHO. Sure, if said person is being a dipstick in gen chat, or just straight up acting like a fool, I can understand. But that could be anyone... even someone with a "prestigous" name, or an original name.

I do have to agree with most others here who say that it is different depending on the server. It is a certian mindset of people and it varies by server I expect to see more "proper" names on RP servers, and not so much on PvP and PvE servers. But, I have a few toons on an RP server and I've seen some pretty questionable names even.
So it varies by the player. A PvP "moron" would probably roll a questionable toon name on a RP server just for the "lols".
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