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The whole thing really depends on what kind of a Jedi character you want to build. There are Jedi and Jedi. Some will be stern and stoic, like Mace Windu. Others will be a bit more light-hearted and "down to earth" like Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan, maybe even Luke. There will be some who will be brazen and slightly arrogant like Ahsoka Tano. And finally, there will be Jedi like Anakin who won't abide the Jedi Code if it violates their personal ideals and values. All of those types - and everything in between - will react differently when it comes to the upholding of the Code.

Going to a bar won't be unreasonable, I believe, but from a roleplaying perspective a quiet meditation sequence is more plausible. Flirting with the dancers... not strictly forbidden, but it would be very strange and out of character for a Jedi - even for the unortodox ones. Remember, the Jedi are not very big on their social skills. They are monks, really. With spaceships and lazer swords, sure, but monks nonetheless. Flirting and partying are more up the Smuggler and the Bounty Hunter's alley (and maybe the Agent too, but it will most likely be a charade designed to extract information or to secure a false identity in an undercover mission or something).
I agree with this, Jedi are akin to space Shaolin Monks, if you think it would be odd to find Shaolins on bars flirting with waitresses so it would be for the average Jedi, that said the code does not forbids stuff like that as long as you don't become attached to the waitress, so you could always play a Jedi who sort of walks the line.

As for the Consular voice, I just started playing a Sage (only lvl 20) but so far I am finding the male voice AMAZING it makes me feel like Qui-Gon, always calmed and composed, people freak out around me but I keep it cool because I trust in the force, love it!
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