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a friend of mine told me that you got in total 50 points for your skill trees and that you get 1 with every level but after I enabeld my Immortal trees at Level 10 or 11 I just have 1 point since then with every level to give away and I also found a post in a community that I cant understand at all but that makes me think that there exists a Bug or that I missed something:

And now my sons, let me tell you the tale of the player who did not know aught of the Juggernaut Abilities. He roared in one day of Beta Test to level 18, Dark 2, slaying foes left and right, but in Flashpoints and the occasional pvp with his friends, something was amiss. A Imperial Agent friend of his took his Juggernaut ally down to 50% health. When the poor crippled Juggy tried it on his ACmate, he got him down to only 20% of total health. During the Hammer run, he was blamed for the group dying, four times. Then, they realized the poor stowaway from Korrban had missed his subtle button on the AC training window, and showed it to him. GLORY BE! Nine new powers! Taunt! Soresu Form! Chilling Scream! For the last 30 minutes of Beta, the Sith madman cackled with glee as he slew the foe and made their ears bleed with his war cries. Oh, the blood, it poured! And then, like all on the final days, the skies turned black forever.